Valery Shklovskiy
Creative Director
experienced with UX, UI, Visual & Motion Design, Web Developing.
Produced 13 music videos and one 8-minutes cartoon for pop artists «Street Magic» (soloists – winners of «Children's Oscar» in the USA), «Neina», «Ksenia Mulina», «Hello», «Smileys», «Heroes» (soloist – winner of the «children's Eurovision» song contest).
Music Video
Director / Music Video Maker / Project Manager
Developed the IT Startup called «Start.Guide». The service helps people save and organize their bookmarks in the cloud and easily share them with others.
IT Startup
Co-Founder / Product Designer / Full Stack Developer
Creating main marketing items for business – Logotype, Branding, Website, Presentation Film, Advertising Booklet.
Marketing Kit
Creative Director / UI Designer / Filmmaker
Responsible & Open-minded. Always try to convey the meaning, as simple and clear as possible in a beautiful and structured form. Usability – is not just a word for me. A fan of creating products that people really love.

Read science fiction. Crazy in quality sound and cool video effects. Traveler – visited more than 25 countries. Dream of learning to surf and buy a sailing catamaran ;)
I'm Valery Shklovskiy
Digital Studio – VS Design
Founder, Creative Director / 2014 – Today

Director, Music Video Maker, Project Manager / 2012 – Today

IT Startup – Start.Guide
Co-Founder, Product Designer, Full Stack Developer / 2015 – 2016
Advertising Agency – RPK Briz
Art Director / 2008 – 2012

University – VIHT
Lecturer of CG & Animation, Full Stack Developer / 2002 – 2008

Game Development companies
3D Modeller, 3D Animator / 2000 – 2001
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